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If you don't have time to look throught my entire gallery, here are some of my very favorite cels, with my comments on them. If you're looking to trade, the chances of my trading anything from this list is somewhere around a snowball's in hell. Sorry :-).

If you have to ask my what my favorite cel is, this is it. My favorite episode, my favorite scene, a few frames off from the trading card image that is used everywhere. This was my dream cel, and I still can't believe I have it. This is the cel that is going with me to my grave, that I would not part with for love nor money. It only appears here, on my page of favorites, because it is THAT special.
Tuxedo Neflite! Not only is this cel of Neflite, my favorite character from Sailor Moon, but it's Neflite in a tuxedo....and this cel shows up in every "comic book" that uses images from the anime and covers this episode. The black dot is where the energy draining lightning bolts were computer generated later.
I have never seen a more perfect cel of Sailors Neptune and Uranus. I love everything about this cel. No, the background isn't matching (it's from the third episode of the S season), but I think it looks wonderful with the cel.
My first Black Lady (Wicked Lady) cel. It's from her last episode, when she's being confused between Sailor Moon and Wise Man.
Super Sailor Moon transforms. Just a really nice image that I really like.
Lita/Makoto/Sailor Jupiter is my favorite of the scouts (gee, you couldn't tell). I don't believe this is the original background, but it displays well anyway.
This is a fantastic Queen Beryl cel. I wish the scan did it justice, because it doesn't show how nice the line quality and paint job really are.
Galaxia transformed. I'd only seen fan art and some drawings from this sequence, and was absolutely thrilled to get this cel. I love the colors and shadings in her hair.
The best Sylia from Bubblegum Crisis 2040 that I've ever seen. The background is matching.
A glorious Hotohori cel from Fushigi Yugi. I'd seen this at Anime Central, but passed on it. I kept thinking about this cel and thinking about it, so I had someone buy it for me at Anime Expo. And I haven't regretted it since.
Six marionettes from Saber Marionette J with original background. Just a great cel.
I FINALLY found a cel of Jigglypuff! She's my absolute most favorite Pokemon, and I can't believe that I found exactly the kind of cel of her I wanted!
The cel was bought sometime in 1998 or so from one dealer; the matching genga was found in spring of 2000 from a completely different dealer :-). How likely is that? I'm still amazed that I found it.....
Neflite's death from the first season of Sailor Moon is my favorite episode of that series, bar none. I am thrilled to have a cel from so close to the end.
Yes, another Neflite, but this one is special for a very different reason. I was waffling over whether or not to buy this cel, weighing the pros and cons with a friend. This friend, who was very ill at the time and is now no longer with us, made a point that stuck with me: if you can afford it, and you will enjoy it, then do it. Life is short and take what pleasures you can.

Wherever you are, my friend, know that you made an impact and you are remembered.

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