Marcia's Cel Collection

Stop In The Name Of....Neflite?

Here are pictures of the cels currently in my cel collection. I think at this point it does represent my entire collection.

I have finally gotten around to updating my email address on all these pages, and I've removed a lot of old files that were artifacts remaining from other gallery layouts in the past. I'm sorry if this breaks any external links, but not sorry enough to put them back. If there are any links on my own pages that are broken, go ahead and email me using the link at the bottom of this page - it's been updated, might as well use it.

Not Accepting Offers

As of 11/14/17, I am no longer accepting offers on my cels, nor am I actively selling any cels previously marked as "For Sale". My real life has become far too chaotic to give these offers the attention they deserve, and I apologize again to anyone who has had to wait while I dealt with whatever was the crisis of the day.

If we do have a potential transaction that has been discussed prior to this date, I will still discuss completing it, with the understanding that you understand that I sometimes don't get to my email for days. It doesn't mean I am not interested, it's a lack of hours in the day.

All characters, images, etc. are copyright their creators and studios.

Cels Last Updated Sometime In The Past
Not So Recent Additions

Other Links Of Possible Interest

Some of my favorite cels and my comments on them. For those who are short of time, or like the highlight reel better than the feature film.
Links to other galleries, other anime sites, and other stuff of mine. For the intrepid explorer. Probably out of date. Don't hold your breath waiting for an update.
Banners you can use if you'd like to link to my site.

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